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Leaderboard - Aprive

Accountability made fun with Leaderboard

Make sales a game that keeps your whole team motivated and high on energy along with being accountable.


The Leaderboard is like a scorecard of your agents showing exactly where they stand.

Appreciate hard work

Agents love growth and recognition

Who brought you the most deals and who is struggling? Know it all using Leaderboard to appreciate the top performers and train the rest.

Save time

Agents’ activities tracked automatically

Leaderboard lets you focus on the tasks that matter rather than keeping a track of every activity your agents do.

Make it fun

Make work a game everybody loves to play

Who doesn’t like to be a top performer? So let your agents see exactly where they are and watch them perform better to come to the top.

Accessible from anywhere

See your ranking from where you are

Whether your agents are at the office or on the field, Leaderboard is always with them to be accessed wherever they want.


Bring in motivation to your team

Leaderboard is a simple way to make your agents walk the extra mile for your clients willingly. They get the recognition and you get more results!

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