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Deals - Aprive

You can improve only what you measure

Measure the performance of your agents and find a way to take it to next level.


Deals is a simple tool to help you up the performance graph of your team.


See performance, don’t just visualize

Pipeline makes tracking your active listings and prospects just like a walk in a park.

Unlock leads

Find hidden opportunities you were missing

Are some of your deals not able to cross a certain level? Find the issue, resolve it, and move the leads closer to sale.

Work smart

Stop dumping money into a losing horse

Deals help you to make smart decisions by showing you the performance metrics of your marketing campaigns and your agents.


Overtake your competition

By measuring your performance and optimizing it, you can quickly overtake your competition and become a go-to real estate brand in your area.


Increase your ROI

Optimizing the performance of your business shouldn’t feel like a hassle. This is where Deals come to your rescue.

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