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Collaboration - Aprive

Collaborate better to provide better service

Give your team the best tool to collaborate with each other to pump up the combined result.


Teamwork is easy to maintain when you use Aprive’s Collaboration tool.


Connect with other team members

Mention any of your colleagues to notify that you urgently need his attention on a task and thus, provide better and faster service.

Avoid overlaps

Make each other’s appointments visible

Never find your team members in a dilemma of overlapped schedule by making their calendar visible to others.

Universal chat

Give consistent answers to all your clients

Make the conversation between your agents and clients accessible by your whole team so that the answers stay consistent everywhere.

Better word-of-mouth

Provide the best customer service

With no timing conflicts and improved collaboration, your clients will not no choice but to spread the word for your business.


The only collaboration tool your business needs

Aprive’s Collaboration tools provide you with everything you need to level up the quality of collaboration your agents do.

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