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Agent Accountability - Aprive

See the performance report of your agents

Measure and improvise the performance of your agents by knowing where they need your assistance.


Agent Accountability feature brings juice to your team of agents by showing each how well they have performed.


Know where to work upon

With real-time performance tracking, your agents will know what is working for them and where to focus more of their time.

Better return

See your ROI soar up

Use Agent Accountability to bring extra energy to your team and make your agents more accountable for the results they bring.

Full control

Be responsible for your success

Gaining more leads, more closing, and more revenue should never be just left to hope. Take the matter onto your hands with proper metrics you can measure daily.

Smart decisions

Choose the right path at all crossroads

Use the data you have to make smart decisions and take advantage of the untapped opportunities you have been missing out on.


Bring healthy competition to take your business higher

Everyone wants to be recognized. So use this human tendency to bring more leads and revenue each month by showing your agents how well they have done.

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