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Smart lists - Aprive

Serve your leads when hot

Smart lists ensure that you never miss your hot leads and thus, lose a great opportunity for making a deal.


Smart List is a simple way to organize the whole stack of your leads and manage them effectively.


Find leads that match your criteria

Easily skim through the huge stack of leads to save your time and find only the ones that you need right now.

Label every lead

Tag all your leads as they come

Whenever a lead arrives, give them an appropriate label for identifying it later on. This helps you to create various categories for your leads to be filtered when required.

Speed up

Divide your leads into smart lists

Seeing a pile of leads can sometimes feel overwhelming. So divide them as per various criteria you can set and find them on the go.

Enjoy flexibility

Choose from the various ways you can sort

Want to sort leads as per their age? Go for it. Want to sort leads as per their value? No problem. Create Smart Lists using various ways you can sort your leads.


Stop seeking and start sorting

Set up a proper system to move leads to their right category so that they are easily accessible whenever you want.

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