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Calendar - Aprive

Schedule and manage your time

Your time is precious. So, manage it properly by easily scheduling your tasks and appointments.


Aprive’s Calendar is like your personal assistant reminding you about what and when to do.


Organized time = more work done

Never waste your time thinking about what I was supposed to do at this moment. Just keep going on to check off all your pending tasks and appointments.


Get your important tasks done first

Arrange all your tasks as per their importance or urgency so that you can get them done and still have time to spare.


Know where you are spending your time

Ever wondered how much time you have spent doing any task? Aprive’s Calendar helps you to track that and more.

Remove conflicts

Never call off any meeting

Sometimes meetings can be scheduled at a conflicting time. But not if you have a calendar set up to see which time has already been allocated.


Make the most out of your time

Proper scheduling your time shows professionalism. This eventually leads to a great first impression and more happy clients.

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