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Automations - Aprive

Save your time with automation

Automate any repetitive task so that you can invest more of your time in more important tasks.


Aprive’s automation makes sure that you never miss out on any opportunity.

Automate almost everything

Activate dormant leads

It’s not all over when a lead passes through your whole Action Plan. You can grab a deal later by properly automated follow-ups.


Be the first to come to their mind

Many leads are just window shoppers but may turn into a customer in the future. So nurture them regularly with automated follow-ups to stay above the rest.


Keep an eye on your old leads

Spotted any old leads coming back to visit your website? Then be there to welcome them and move them ahead in the sales funnel.

Track activity

Follow up as per lead’s activity

Your follow-ups can be much more personalized and thus, effective if you plan your automation as per a lead’s activity.


Automate it and forget it

Aprive’s Automation feature shoulders your burden, saves your time, and makes your marketing campaigns effective.

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