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Action Plans - Aprive

Plan out every move beforehand

Never leave your agents guessing for their next move by setting an Action Plan.


Action Plan is a simple but effective way to properly follow up each lead you get.

Better follow ups

Have a clear path to follow

It takes time to convert a lead into a customer. So make sure that your agents don’t abandon them in the middle of the sales cycle.

Market better

Stay on top of the mind of your leads

A follow up at right frequency and at the right time can increase the chances of your lead conversion and thus, your sales!


Make sure your agents never loose the track

Action Plans is the pole star for your agents to follow whenever they couldn’t figure out what to do next to move the lead forward

Avoid loss

Stop the leakage of money

Each lead is very precious as it takes a lot of time and money to acquire it. So give all your leads the attention it requires.


Build relationships

Effective Action Plans strengthen your relationship with your leads and takes you closer to striking a deal with each step.

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