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Lead Routing - Aprive

Send each lead to the appropriate agent

Distribute leads to your agents just the way you like so that they can be handled properly.


Send each lead to the appropriate agent

Get organized

All your leads resides under one roof

Getting leads from multiple sources? Then don’t run wild going here and there. Bring them all in a single place to ease your task.


Automatically direct leads to your agents

Have leads from multiple locations? Do some of your leads have high stakes on them? Direct them to agents according to the area they cover or the expertise they have.

Generate better ROI

Find deals from inactive leads

Inactive leads can be a goldmine of deals if catered well. See the leads lying dormant and direct them to your agents.

Check off all

Leads are too valuable to be ignored

Assign leads on a First-Come-First-Serve basis to give priority to the available agents or distribute them evenly with Round-Robin.


Automate the growth of your business

With smart distribution of leads with Aprive CRM, you can surge the ROI for every lead you get.

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