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Get to know Aprive better - Aprive

Get to know Aprive better

Aprive helps you to turn your prospects into clients with less efforts!


Why Was Aprive Started?

Real estate is tough, and fierce competition is making it harder and harder to bring bucks. That is why your lead handling and client service should be nothing less than the best.

Aprive started in 2013 with the aim to help you to grow your real estate business the smart way. How? By providing you with a CRM that performs the tough tasks for you, helps you make better decisions, and save your time and money.

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Aprive is built to ease your burden and boost your real estate business at the same time.
Mukesh Ram Co-founder, Aprive


What Drives Aprive?

Aprive helps you to cater the best service. So how can we lag in the same? At the core, it is you who drives us.


Top-notch Quality

We thrive to provide you with the best quality CRM


Unbreakable Trust

We handle your trust delicately so that it won’t ever break


Unceasing Value

We promise to provide you with more value than what you pay for

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